Hom Family Photo Collage

Hello!  I’m Lisa and I’m a mother of three – Lucas 8, Ella 5 and Kellan 2.

A little about the blog content…

  • Fun craft DIYs to do for your kids or with your kids
  • Jewelry tutorials for those who want to learn techniques and explore materials
  • A little peek into the handmade jewelry pieces that I create for Mint + Bloom
  • Party ideas for grown-up entertaining and kid events (ok, mainly kid birthday parties)
  • My favorite products and brands

A little about me…

  • I grew up in Foster City, California + have a degree in IEOR and an MBA from UC Berkeley
  • I work full-time at a startup called Kiwi Crate as the VP of Product Design + Merchandising
  • One of my favorite hobbies is to make jewelry – check out my Etsy shop called Mint + Bloom
  • Shopping at Target, Zara, Anthropologie and J.Crew calms me when I’m stressed
  • I love stationary, good pens, stickers, a beautiful unlined journal, washi tape and post-its!
  • I love french fries, chai tea lattes, sour strawberry belts, and lychee black tea tapioca drinks

Thanks for reading!

Lisa + Three


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