How to: Create a Photo Gallery Wall

After moving to a new house, the pretty grey walls were all waiting to be decorated.  During the open house, this house was decorated with huge framed paintings and canvases.  But I’ve always wanted to try putting together a photo gallery wall and here I saw my opportunity!  In order to plan out the design of the photo gallery, I used huge 11×17″ sheets of paper to cut to the sizes of my frames.  (Tip:  I labeled each paper with a number and placed a post-it note with the same number on the frame.  I found that even though the frames were similar sizes, this made the project more accurate.)

How to Create a Photo Gallery via

This gave me the chance to move things around and play with the shape of the overall gallery.  I started from the middle with some of the larger frames and then extended the design outwards towards the two walls.  Everything was spaced apart approximately 2.5 inches on the top, bottom, and sides.  After I settled on a design and was happy with what I saw, I actually left it on the wall for a couple weeks to make sure that I didn’t want to change anything.

How to Create a Photo Gallery via

When I was ready to start nailing, I measured and made pencil marks directly on the paper hanging on the wall.  After I hammered the nails in, I ripped down the paper from the wall.  The hardest part was probably finding photos to put into the frames!  The key was to select some posed portrait photos and then balance them out with photos of sunsets, palm trees, beaches, and architecture.  I love that I was able to mix photos from Hawaii, Venice, Tokyo, Mexico, and California in this photo gallery.  I even have a hand drawn illustration by Ella (age 6) of our family.  Hope you have as much fun as I do when you create your own photo gallery!


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