DIY: Lego Magnet Favor Kits

DIY Lego Magnet Favor Kit

These Lego magnet favor kits were super easy and the kids loved them!  Lucas had a blast kitting all the little baggies up for his friends and he couldn’t resist making all his family members their own custom Lego magnets.

Magnet Materials

Here’s what you need:

  • Glue gun
  • Square Lego boards
  • Magnets
  • Small Lego pieces
  • Clear bags

The hardest part about this kit is just gathering all the pieces!  The magnets are easy to find at Michaels or on Amazon, but the square Lego boards were a little harder to find.  I ended up finding a checkerboard set on eBay that consisted of a bunch of black and white Lego squares!  Lucas and I visited the Lego store and filled a small container with all the tiny Lego pieces we could cram in.  To transform the Lego squares into magnet bases, we just hot glue gunned the magnets to the back.  And then we kitted everything together for the kids to take home.

Lego Race

The other games we played at Lucas’ 7th birthday party included:

  1. Lego Chopsticks Pick-up Game:  We split the kids up into three teams.  We put a bin of Legos in front of each team and when we said “Go!”, the kids would pick up the chopsticks and try to transfer Legos from the bin to a plate.  Each kid had 30 seconds and then they would pass the chopsticks to team member.  At the end of three minutes, we counted each’s team’s Legos on the plate to see who won!
  2. Lego Tower Game:  We split the kids up into teams of two and gave them a minute to build the tallest Lego tower.  Tallest tower won.
  3. Lego Car Ramp Race:  We game each kid five minutes to build the fastest race car.  Then they took their creations outside and raced them down our homemade ramp.  Check out the cool creations the kids made!

For more Lego party ideas, check out the Lego Crayon favors and the Lego Gummy Cupcake Toppers!


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