DIY: Lego Crayons

DIY Lego Crayons

Lucas has been obsessed with Legos since he was 4…so for his 7th birthday, we finally threw a Lego-themed birthday party at the house!   We like to get ready for parties months in advance, so one of the first things we made were Lego crayons as part of the favors.  This was a great opportunity to find that bag of broken crayons that the kids refuse to use anymore, but I couldn’t bear to throw away.

DIY Lego Crayons

Here’s what you need:

  • Crayons (with wrapping peeled off)
  • Silicone Lego mold (I bought mine on Amazon.  Here is a link for both molds that I used for the party)

We wanted to make solid colored crayons, so we separated our crayon colors and chopped them up pretty small.  At the end, we did end up mixing some of the colors up and making swirly Legos!

Lego Crayons

Just add a couple sheets for the kids to color and pack into a little clear bag.

Lego Crayon Coloring Kit

For more Lego party decoration ideas + a DIY Lego mini figure gummy tutorial, go to the Lego Gummy Cupcake Topper post!



4 thoughts on “DIY: Lego Crayons

    1. Wow, 100? I definitely did not attempt to make that many! I think we made around 20 for all the favor bags and it was enough to satisfy my crayon making crave for awhile…


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